Roles and Timeline(PT 2)

Joshua: Wheel Engineer (IC of construction and testing)

- responsible for wheel choice and design
- sources materials for wheels
- works with Drivetrain Engineer to determine wheel-to-axle attachment

Nicholas:  Drivetrain Engineer (IC of data analysis)

- Responsible for developing system to transfer energy from the “engine” to the
- Ensures proper testing and documentation of all drivetrain components.

Ryan: Project Manager (IC of blog)

- Responsible for all documentation and “care” of the mousetrap.
- Ensures that all tasks are completed and documented on time.
- Has final say on any issue that cannot be settled by consensus

Jin Yu: Chassis Engineer (taken by the 3rd member if it is a 3-member team)

- responsible for the look and function of the body (chassis) of the car
- sources all materials for the chassis
- works with Drivetrain and Wheel Engineers to ensure function of wheels
and drivetrain components


1st Week   Discussion and planning of the shape,materials and car design
2nd week   Gathering of materials needed and building the mousetrap powered car
3rd week   Confirming the final modifications, and completing the report before handing up.

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