Construction of bridge(PT 1)

We did this design as it was more stable. The bridge is very thick in terms if height and width. The bridge base is 27 ice-cream sticks thick, placed side by side, with an upper structure that allows the force of the bridge to be separated downwards to the sides. The bridge's ends are just the base, and is not supported by the upper structure as the bridge may bend with weight and the upper structure may crack or pop out from the ends. The joints of the base are staggered as well, so the bridge's weakest point will not be directly in the middle, and the bridge would not break there and force would be staggered also. 

Here is a in-dept explanation into the design features:

This was us measuring the bridge's dimensions. 

This was us measuring the bridge's dimensions. 

The basic measurements of the bridge are as follows: 

Mass is 261g 
Overall length is 572mm 
Overall width is 53mm 
Overall height is 24mm.

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