Discussion of bridge design after testing(PT 1)

Areas for Improvement
  1. The bridge structure(the pyramid) was probably a bit small for all the force to be distributed evenly, and as a result,  it could not carry as much weight, and the bridge collapsed. Therefore we should have made the pyramid slightly more upwards to allow the force to spread over a larger area.
  2. The ends of the bridge were not heavy enough for all parts of the bridge to be balanced. The weight was more towards the middle and with the loading point in the middle as well, the bridge started bending in the middle downwards. We should instead have added some weights and structure upwards to allow the bridge's sides weight to be as even as the middle, allowing the bridge not to sag as much.
  3. Workmanship could be better. Instead of rushing all the layers at once, we could have allowed the glue to dry first before we laid the next layer, so the ice cream sticks would not move around and affect the whole remaining structure.

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